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Leeholme cup 2016

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Final Leehome Cup Matchplay
John Murphy  V Ben Mackey
Games can be played at anytime prior to the scheduled date by mutual
agreement of both players. If there is no agreement play or forfeit will apply 


Leehome Cup 2016

Rank To be played by
Sunday 21/8
To be played by
Sunday 4/9
To be played by
Sunday 18/9
To be played by
Sunday 9/10
To be played by
Sunday 16/10
1 Stephen Dury
32 John Lillie  Stephen Dury
Stephen Dury 
16 Darren Small
17 John Curtis John Curtis 
Stephen Dury 
8 David Luck
25 Ray Stapley  Ray Stapley
Ben Davis 
9 Mick Locke
24 Ben Davis Ben Davis 
John Murphy
4 Robert Boschman
29 Gregory Adams  Robert Boschman
Garry Pomeroy 
13 Jacques Le Roux
20 Garry Pomeroy  Garry Pomeroy
John Murphy 
5 Robert Mitchell Winner
28 Andre Schuster Andre Schuster 
 John Murphy

John Murphy

21 Peter Ward  John Murphy
2 Todd Jenkins
31 Nicholas Winterton  Todd Jenkins
Todd Jenkins 
15 Darryn Bruce
18 Wayne Patterson  Darryn Bruce
Ben Mackey 
7 Greg Murray
26 Bradley Glawson  Greg Murray
Ben Mackey 
10 Ben Mackey
23 Craig Hanrahan  Ben Mackey
Ben Mackey
3 Brad Molenkamp
30 Robert Cooper Brad Molenkamp 
Brad Molenkamp 
14 Cameron Jackson
19 Jared Bosianek  Jared Bosianek
 David Gates
6 David Gates
27 Robert Pardey David Gates 
David Gates 
11 Russell McCarthy
22 Josh Toole Josh Toole