Thusday 4th Ind & 2bbb Ball sweep

 In Mens Thursday Ball Sweep
Golflink No Surname First Name Description Result
2.091E+09 Ellis Cameron Ball Sweep 44
3.15E+09 White Casey Ball Sweep 42
2.09E+09 Gregori Sauro Ball Sweep 42
2.09E+09 Sparke Rodger Ball Sweep 41
2.09E+09 McCarthy Russell Ball Sweep 41
2.09E+09 Whitton Jeremy Ball Sweep 41
2.013E+09 Jolly Hugh Ball Sweep 41
2.09E+09 Trevor-Jones Peter Ball Sweep 40
2.09E+09 Leseberg Greg Ball Sweep 39
2.09E+09 Callaughan Kevin Ball Sweep 39
2.09E+09 Cooper Robert Ball Sweep 38
2.09E+09 Curtis John Ball Sweep 38
2.09E+09 Sutton Phillip Ball Sweep 38
2.09E+09 McCrossin Ben Ball Sweep 38
2.09E+09 Lee Graham Ball Sweep 38
2.09E+09 Abbott Paul Ball Sweep 38
2.09E+09 Campbell Philip Ball Sweep 38
2.09E+09 Perfect John Ball Sweep 38
2.09E+09 Meredith Michael Ball Sweep 38
2.09E+09 Walsh Jason Ball Sweep 37
2.09E+09 Campbell Greg Ball Sweep 37
2.09E+09 Smail James Ball Sweep 37
2.09E+09 Rosconi Paul Ball Sweep 37
2.09E+09 Lown Stephen Ball Sweep 37
2.09E+09 McMah Scott Ball Sweep 37
2.09E+09 M’Crystal Bryan Ball Sweep 37
2.09E+09 Dean Jeff Ball Sweep 37
2.09E+09 Tyson Graham Ball Sweep 37
2.09E+09 McMahon Todd Ball Sweep 37
2.09E+09 Flannery Doug Ball Sweep 37
5.013E+09 Stapleton Andrew Ball Sweep 37
2.09E+09 Cowdroy Ross Ball Sweep 37
2.09E+09 Hart Ian Ball Sweep 37
2.09E+09 Lesh Richard Ball Sweep 37
2.09E+09 Casey Daniel Ball Sweep 37
2.09E+09 McCrossin Dominic Ball Sweep 37
2.09E+09 Gates David Ball Sweep 37
2.09E+09 Thompson Philip Ball Sweep 36
2.09E+09 Boardman Chris Ball Sweep 36
2.09E+09 White Chris Ball Sweep 36
2.09E+09 Davis Ben Ball Sweep 36
2.09E+09 Stait Kerry Ball Sweep 36
2.09E+09 Dawson Neville Ball Sweep 36
2.09E+09 Gooley Daniel Ball Sweep 36
2.241E+09 Rowlands Shaun Ball Sweep 36
2.09E+09 Campbell Philip Scratch A Grade 37pts
2.09E+09 Callaughan Kevin Scratch B Grade 24pts
2.09E+09 Boardman Chris Nearest to Pin 13th 52cm
2.09E+09 McMahon Todd Nearest to Pin 8th 96cm
Golfer  2BBB Ball Sweep Score
Card Name Club Comp
1 Whitton, Jeremy; Sparke, Rodger Bathurst GC 51 Pts
2 Heness, Peter; Curtis, John Bathurst GC 48 Pts
3 Hart, Ian; Carver, Paul Bathurst GC 48 Pts
4 McCrossin, Dominic; McCrossin, Ben Bathurst GC 47 Pts
5 McMahon, Todd; Lown, Stephen Bathurst GC 47 Pts
6 White, Casey; Pomeroy, Garry Balranald GC 46 Pts
7 Smail, James; M’Crystal, Bryan Bathurst GC 46 Pts
8 Campbell, Greg; Miller, Ian Bathurst GC 46 Pts
9 Gregori, Sauro; Malligan, Greg Bathurst GC 46 Pts
10 Keech, Tony; Smith, George Bathurst GC 46 Pts
11 Pocock, Jim; Dickie, William Pacific Dunes GC 46 Pts
12 Boardman, Chris; McMah, Scott Bathurst GC 45 Pts
13 Dean, Jeff; Vickers, James Bathurst GC 45 Pts
14 Brown, Allan; McCarthy, Russell Bathurst GC 45 Pts
15 Gooley, Daniel; Callaughan, Kevin Bathurst GC 45 Pts
16 Rowlands, Shaun; Steinhour, Tom Coolah GC 45 Pts
17 Gates, David; Mitchell, Robert Bathurst GC 45 Pts