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Division 1

Bathurst played Parkes winning 3/2 wins to Mick Locke in his first appearance for 2018 and cemented his match play status with a convincing 3/2 win. Darryn Bruce had a chance at victory leading 1 up with 4 holes left, bogies over the next 3 holes put paid to that losing 2/1 Ben Mackey marched on to another victory 3/2 with proud parents watching from the sidelines Scott Matheson went down in a fiery encounter 2/1 his first lose in 2 years and Phil Campbell was to strong in his match winning 2 up sealing victory for Bathurst


JOB DONE 3/2 winners and off to the semis wins to Casey White 6/5 Paul Abbott waited till the last for a 1 up win, now things got interesting Tony Foster lost 4/2 and Darren Small was beaten on the last hole suddenly 2018 hinged on Adrian Haynes will POWER carried his team to the semis with a 3/2 win and after the match he gave a detailed description on how this was achieved. WELL DONE BOYS BRING ON THE SEMIS

Division 3

Did the lads take the foot off throttle no way replied the captain Bathurst just were out played on the day but wins to captain Scott Mc Mah 4/3 and Rod Pollard 3/2 loses to Steve Dury 3/2 and Chris Boardman 5/4  Ash Lamb fighting all the way losing on the first extra playoff hole. BRING ON THE SEMIS


Division 4

Captain  Ray Curtis praised his teams efforts but lost 3/2 wins to Captain Ray Curtis 1 up and Ian Wallace who enjoy the trip up in the mx5 top down wind in the hair  and 5/4 winner Cooper Starkey had a tough day losing 6/5 but he was better than dad Peter losing 9/7 and Garry Pomeroy played well all day but lost on the last

Pennant Player of the week

Adrian Haynes