Pennants 2020 Captains log

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A wet Reece Hodson

James Chapple and Steve McDonald

Cam Jackson Best Player at 2020 Pennants

Reece putting for eagle on the 16th

Justin Sutton

Bathurst at Wentworth which one forgot his shoes

Casey White waiting to tee off at Mudgee

Scenes from the Rd1 at Duntry watching the result of Justins match

James Chapple playing the 4th at Wentworth

Justin Sutton




Steve McDonald

Reece Hodson and Jacob Moodie

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Round 1 Pennants 2020 3rd Feb The Captains Log                              

Bathurst is defending Champion in Division1 can they repeat that in 2020.The format is different this year with round robin matches and most points at the end wins the Pennant

Division 2 made the finals last year and have strengthened their squad with some noted power hitters. Division 3 look powerful as well and Division 4 is a lock for the pennant this year (Captains Prediction) News of the performances from the teams will be ongoing on the website scroll down on this page to read the latest results

Rd1 Bathurst Vs Cowra at Duntryleague

Ten minutes early to the club and the lads are already there waiting for me (Keen) Maccas is first port of call Cameron Jackson had trouble finding the right gender toilet and then ordered a bun less hamburger I’m putting this down to nerves but at the course it was all business we have honed a bit of a routine before the start of play just to relax the guys consequently Steve Mc Donald piped one down the first hole to get the 5s off to a 1up start after 1 on the 2nd hole he snap hooked his drive into trouble but a smart chip out to the fairway and I was confident he was switched on and he won his match against Mark Dixon 4/3. Cameron Jackson was up against Michael Brooks and it was a dominant performance winning 7/6. James Chapple played power golf to out last young gun Patrick Edenborough whose bad luck defied belief losing his ball several times during the day James won 5/3

Reece Hodson was playing fill in Captain Jacob Moodie and Reece’s form of late spelt trouble for any opponent’s game, poor Jacob tried all day but an 8/7 win and we had 4 matches in the bag with only Justin Suttons match left, he was playing Rod Mc Donald who would have beaten most players today with his long drives and good putting, but Justin pushed him to the last hole but a boogie up the 18th and Justin had his first loss since 2015 so Bathurst defeated Cowra 4/1

Division 3

Bathurst was playing Orange in Dubbo

Andrew Hicks kicked off the 5s rolling Robert George 7/6 Josh Carter accounted for Bruce Robinson 4/3 Ray Curtis took one for the team losing 7/5 but Todd Jenkins smashed Jason Watmore 4/3 and Shaun Elphick beat Greg Rochester 4/3 so a good win for Bathurst 4/1 Ray Curtis may have needed a hug after his match lamenting the 12 fairways he missed better come to training on Wednesday and Mathew Barrett can fix you for next Sunday.

Division 4

Bathurst was playing Orange in Dubbo

Nick Winterton assured me his team was ready for a good performance and that’s what we got Nathan Burke secured the first win over Peter Owens 4/3 Wayne Chandler beat Rowe Kilroy 3/2 and Geoff Coleman had a nice win over Adam Davis but the good news ends there with losses to Kev Delaney by Peter Maguire 7/5 and Adam Porter lost to Mick Thompson 2/1 its still a good result and Bathurst won 3/2 so Bathurst is off to a good 2020 campaign lets keep it going.

Stayed tuned on this page for further results next Sunday

Round 2 Pennants 2020 9th Feb

Division 4

Nick Winterton‘s division 4s were the good news story of the round accounting for Parkes 4/1

Nick had a comfortable win 5/4, Jeff Coleman climbed above the clouds for a convincing 4/3 win and Kev Delaney was taken to the 18th for a 1up win. Adam Porter was very convincing over his opponent 4/2 and Nathan Burke also played well for a narrow loss 2/1

I have high hopes for this team they come to practice and we have even seen the boys on the course on Friday afternoon it’s all coming together for the lads and good luck next week


Bathurst’s fair-weather bullyboys travelled to Forbes for the Parkes match up and with storms closing in the conditions didn’t favour division one’s power hitters so a smart approach was required. Bathurst’s Wayne Boserio was making his debut and played well but some clutch putting from Parkes Adam Wilkie saw Wayne come up short on the 17th 2/1, next up was James Chapple who at one stage was 4 down against Brad Scott but as the afternoon progressed the rain got heavier which seem to put Brad off, James steady play suddenly had him back in the match and a clutch 5 foot putt up the 18th forced it to extra holes. On the 20th James hooked his drive to a small bush and he had a restricted backswing, he hit a lovely punch shot underneath the tree then his third shot left him a 30 meter pitch which he hit to a foot for an easy par there was a lot of water on the green and unfortunately Brad then three putted and James great escape was complete to the delight of his captain. David Clemens played well most of the day but a bogey on the 18th sent his match to extra holes but a nice par on the 19th and he had his first win in pennants Justin Sutton took on the ever-chatty Tim Burke but Justin’s consistent play gave him an easy 5/4 win. Reece Hodson was taking on Captain Robert Hayes and was pushed all the way to the 17th for a not so comfortable 2/1 win except for Justin’s all the other matches could have gone either way, this teams no give up spirit and we won’t lose attitude has got Bathurst over the line for a 4/1 win. For the next round I think we need to buy some better wet weather gear


There’s not a lot of good news here losing their match 5/0 the boys were a bit down because of recent form, so chins up and practice is on Wednesday hope to see you there

Division 3

It never stopped raining and blew a gale all day. Shaun Elphick again cruised to an easy win 6/5. Todd Jenkins ran in to someone that out hit him and in his words pulled his pants down 3/5. Josh Carter played the green keeper from Parkes and was too strong 5/4. Ray Curtis got lucky after being down 2 after 10 but he managed to scrape home with a nice par on the nineteenth to get a win,  Andrew Hicks was frozen solid and at halfway went to the car for an old warm jacket but it was too late to make up the deficit and went down 3/5 Bathurst lost 3/2


Round 3 Pennants 2020 16th Feb

Round 3 at Mudgee

All teams travelled to Mudgee and what a contrast from last week with clear skies and light winds

Nick Wintertons Division 4s started the day with a forfeit win with poor Rory Elphick missing out he’s been practicing all week. Wayne Chandler has form on the board that continued with a comfortable win 4/3 Nathan Burke also cruised to a 4/3 win which gave Bathurst the rubber.  Captain Nick played well but the putts wouldn’t drop losing 2/1 Adam Porter was out of sorts all day and lost 6/4 that’s 3 wins on the trot for the team and puts us the semis well done to the lads

Darren Smalls division 2s recovered nicely after last week to record a 3/2 win and keep the dream of semi-finals play alive Julian Curran had a day out with the putter for a 6/5 win David Hitchick was back to the clubhouse early winning 5/4 but Casey Whites cautious driving didn’t pan out the way he wanted and his opponent had the blinker on to overtake him on the last 2 holes, Damien Bourke played well and was at one stage 4 up but the fat lady was gargling and on the 20th hole he missed his putt and it was over. I’m reminded of the hare and the tortoise. Captain Darren Small came to the rescue winning 2/1 giving Bathurst the Rubber, maybe a big win next week would see us scrape into the semis, so maybe a little eye of the tiger music in the car for next week on the way over,  you can sum golf up in one word (you never know)

Division 1 bully boys played Dubbo and they didn’t have things go there way this week losing 2 matches Reece Hodson going down on the 19th  it was fantastic golf with both Reece and David Gleeson going for the green on the 1st (the 1st play off hole) at Mudgee, Reece’s chip rolled out just past the hole for eagle but to the back fringe Davids pitch landed 6feet away  and left a straight putt up the slope Reece then chipped to 6 inches but David calmly rolled his putt in to give Reece his first loss in pennants. James Chapple lost 3/2 and never got going, but beware the sick golfer Steve McDonald who crushed his opponent 6/4 with an awesome display of power golf . Wayne Boserio recorded his first win in Pennants 3/2 so then it rested on Justin Suttons shoulders to get us across the line and he didn’t disappoint birding the last to win the rubber much to the relief of the Captain so all’s well.  Forbes next week the big one!

Division 3 Ray Curtis this week had his pants pulled down his words by Stephen James 9/8 least you where close to the clubhouse Andrew Hicks got his 6 clubs talking for a 1 up win against Chris Tongue and Todd Jenkins survived 1up win but Shaun Elphick lost 4/3 chins up fellers a good round next week and you can make the semis as well so thats a rap all the teams are still in the mix with the div2s  needing a big win round 4 next Sunday at Cowra come and support the boys, then the following week we host

Round 4 Pennants 2020 23rd Feb

Division 1

Bathurst travelled to Cowra to take on the mighty Forbes Team it was a depleted Bathurst team with David Clemens unavailable for this round, stepping into his spot was Steve McDonald with Cam Jackson moving to the fourth slot and Darryn Bruce in the 5 spot.

Cam recorded the first win 6/4 poor Pete Dawson had no answer for Cams accurate irons and precise putting well done to Cam now if he could just master how to order Maccas.

Darryn Bruce got to a comfortable lead and hung on for a 2up win against Dan Baylay.

Steve McDonald was taking on Forbes Club Champion Shane Sallaway this match teetered both ways all day but an untidy bogey on the 17th and then a birdie from Shane on the 18th and Steve’s goose was cooked good golf though.

Justin Sutton loves to give his Captain heart attacks with his late charges and clutch putting, Steve Betland probably needs to use a ball that doesn’t spin so much as well, many was the time that shots that looked close then spun off the green allowing Justin to stay close, with a 1up lead up the 17th Justin’s calm par on the 18th was enough to give Bathurst the rubber.

Reece Hodson was taking on John Betland and played nicely all day except for the 18th with a 1up lead up the last Reece smashed his drive into the trees left 220 metres short of the green his next shot smashed into the trees on the right then with a favourable bounce onto the fairway a 40 metre pitch to 5 feet but above the hole, he then calmly rolled that in to finish the day giving Bathurst a 4/1 win against the then undefeated Forbes, that’s a big win and goes a long way to securing the points that give us a big lead with 2 rounds to go.

Division 2

Darren Smalls Team was taking on Mudgee at Parkes and suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them to die to sleep (Shakespeare) and so ended the challenge for the 2020 Pennant. Mitch Bestwick had a stellar win 5/4 and Darren Small had a Captain knock winning 2up, Dave Hitchick lead all day until the end losing 1up Ben Hamers form from Mudgee didn’t translate to Parkes losing 5/4 and Julian Curran suffered a crushing 3/2 loss to put paid to them advancing to the semis it was an odd draw this year with the Team only playing 3 times so let’s hope next year it’s a round robin.

Division 3

Ray Curtis took his side to Parkes taking on Mudgee and from the outset things didn’t go to plan Andrew Hicks needed more clubs in the bag going down 4/2 Ray suffered to the end losing 2up Cam Richards lost 4/3 and Todd Jenkins went down 3/2 the one shining light in the team was Shaun Elphick crushing his opponent 5/3 so that it for the 3s let’s see what we can do next year.

Division 4

Captain Nick Winterton was out injured (monkey muscle?) so Rory Elphick filled that spot at 5 poor James Hale was ambushed if Rory stands behind his bag you can’t see him only the ball flying towards the green Its Rory’s first match but he came to Mudgee last Sunday and watched how it’s all done and the lesson was learned winning 3/2 Nathan Burke played well all day but lost 2/1 Geoff Coleman cruised to a 6/4 easy win Kev Delany lost 4/2 and Adam Porter lost on the 18th 1up that’s a rap for the preliminary rounds with only the 4s advancing to the semis and Division 1s being a round robin.

Thanks to Ray and Darren for being such good Captains and good luck to Nick Wintertons Boys next week

STOP PRESS news just in Mudgee defeats Orange 4/1 to knock Bathurst out of Division 4 Pennants semi finals the only match to go extra holes at Bathurst was Peter Maguire (Orange) against Ben McKenzie Bathurst’s fate lay in the hands of Peter, after a nice drive up the 1st and an approach near the green one would have thought we were home NO that’s not the case many putts later and Bathurst was out. Nick Winterton was well aware of his teams fate and took the events of the day in good spirit, so for the next 2 weeks its all about the 1s stay tuned.

Round 5 Pennants 2020 8th March 

Wentworth presented perfect weather after a wet week. James Chapple at 5 lead the team out against Duntryleagues Tim White and the news was all bad for Bathurst with James going down 5/4, Dave Clemens suffered a similar fate against David Corby losing 4/3, Cameron Jackson was in control of his match right up to the 17th when a lack lustre chip allowed Tyson Lane to be only 1 down with one to play Cams drive down the 18th found the right trees and Tyson’s par was good enough to send the match to extra holes, the first at Wenty is a par 4 and Tyson Lane hit his drive on the green to 6 metres Cam hit a nice drive and his second shot to about 3 metres Tyson missed his eagle but tapped in for birdie Cam rolled his putt in dead centre, so it was off to the 20th what unfolded then was a comedy of errors Tyson hit his drive into the dam and Cams drive found the right trees which he chipped out to the middle of the fairway while this was going on Tyson Lanes drive was found in the bottom of the dry dam but in a huge crack Cam meanwhile hit his 3rd onto the fringe but pin high, Tyson then tried to play his ball out of the dam and failed Cam then 2 putted and that match was won in bizarre fashion, it was one of the most unusual finishes to a match that I’ve witnessed. Justin Sutton was out of sorts all day but come backs are his speciality, he clawed his match back to square by the 16th and hit a nice shot onto the 17th about the same distance of his opponents Peter Mitchell, who calmly rolled his putt close but no gimme then Justin saw a chance to maybe lead going down the last so he attacked his putt which just missed but rolled 5 foot past, he missed the one back and just like that he was 1 down going down the last, booming drives from both lads but Justin’s was close to a tree which restricted his back swing forcing a chip out he then missed his putt for par and Peter Mitchell calmly 2 putted to give Orange the win the match was played in terrific spirit with great banter between the 2 combatants all day. Reece Hodson was taking on Robert Payne and these top draw matches never disappoint. Robert has been the benchmark for decades so Reece was keyed up to do well he managed to forge ahead 2 up by the 10th and maintained that until the 17th when an errant tee shot from Reece hit a rock green-side causing it to bound over the green, that lead to a bogey so 1 up down the last. 330 metres we worked out thats how far Reeces drive went down the middle he pitched to 4 metres and par was good enough to secure a valuable point so what now next week we play Mudgee at Duntry and this match will decide the Pennant for 2020 Forbes lost on Sunday so there out of contention Can Bathurst go Back to Back come to Duntryleague on Sunday at 9.00 am and find out  

Round 6 Pennants 2020 15th March

(Beware the Ides of march for it wasn’t to be) Mudgee relegates Bathurst to second place in the 2020 Pennants defeating us on Sunday 4/1 the only shining light being the play from young gun Cam Jackson who defeated Andrew Best 6/5 after losing the 1st hole with a double bogey he squared with a chip in birdie on the 3rd, it was a big moment Andrew was 10 feet away and missed his birdie from there on in it was one way traffic Cam’s accurate iron play the key to 5 birdies and a comprehensive victory and a 100% record for this year and Best Bathurst Player at the 2020 Pennants

James Chapple tried hard all day spending lots of energy hitting recovery shots, Kris Stathopoulos stayed out of the trees and putted nicely for an easy win 4/3 though beaten Jame’s team spirit was exemplary it was a big learning curve this year and he will be better for the experience.

Steve McDonald was keyed up to do well but also spent to much time under the trees and Josh Campbell took full advantage of this cruising to a 6/4 win Steve also had a good tournament and experience is priceless he’s already talking about next year, good signs.

Justin Sutton was taking on Dallas Kelly and both players played like Pro’s it was that good, Justin just couldn’t buy a putt, 2 under and playing the short par 5 16th he was 2 down (how is this possible) but Dallas was playing that well he birdied the 16th and that was that 3/2 loss

The much anticipated clash between Reece Hodson and Mark Hale didn’t disappoint with a good crowd following it was terrific golf all day Mark is such a good putter and that was the difference calmly rolling in putt after putt and it was good for a 2/1 win. So ends Pennants for 2020 though disappointed great sportsmanship was displayed by both teams and Bathurst can be proud of the way the Lad’s represented the Club and on a personal note many thanks to Matt Barrett and the lads for all the help this year its good to have one of the best club pros in the central west on your team thanks again. Now for the Club Championships.