Sunday 8th November Mens Foursomes Rd 1 Scratch

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The pairing of Justin Sutton and Reece Hodson

Bathurst Men’s Foursomes 2020

Fair weather greeted the players for the annual running of the Bathurst Foursomes. Rd1 leaders Justin Sutton and Reece Hodson look like the team to beat after posting a 2 over 73 in beautiful conditions on Saturday, recent rains have rendered the course almost a Fluro green and with perfect greens and fair pin placements good scoring was the order of the day. B Grade has a mix of youth and experience at the top with Tim and Ben McCrossin 83 leading evergreens Bill Casey and Ray Stapley by 2 shots. C Grade leaders John Kajar and Matt Bennett 90 lead Bathurst Open C Grade Champion Will Johnston and Rory Elphick and Luke Single and Jared Portegies by 3 shots and with 1 round to go 2 grades hang in the balance with A Grade needing somethings to go the way of the following pack but you can some up foursomes in one word you never know, come watch this Sunday 15th to find out

08-Nov-2020: Mens Foursomes Cships – Rnd 1 – 18 holes
Handicap Score
Grade Name Grade Scratch Status
1 Sutton, Justin; Hodson, Reece A Grade 73 Ok
2 Bruce, Darryn; Perfect, John A Grade 77 Ok
3 Stanford, Michael ; Sparke, Ryan A Grade 77 Ok
4 Cooke, Kelvin; Toole, Josh A Grade 80 Ok
5 McDonald, Stephen; Elphick, Shaun A Grade 82 Ok
6 Fox, Thomas; Colling, Mitchell A Grade 84 Ok
1 McCrossin, Timothy; McCrossin, Ben B Grade 83 Ok
2 Stapley, Ray; Casey, William B Grade 85 Ok
3 Finnerty, Stephen; Gibbs, Anthony B Grade 87 Ok
4 Kovac, Robert; Weekes, Peter B Grade 87 Ok
5 Lester, Matt; Writer, Jason B Grade 87 Ok
6 Osborne, Chris; Weekes, Michael B Grade 88 Ok
7 Abbott, Paul; Lawler, Josh B Grade 89 Ok
8 Schuster, Andre; Allen, Steven B Grade 89 Ok
9 Fitzpatrick, Beau; Boserio, Wayne B Grade 89 Ok
10 Buining, Pieter; Rodenhuis, Ian B Grade 89 Ok
11 Daunt, Glyn; Daunt, Shane B Grade 91 Ok
12 Staines, Terry; Dury, Stephen B Grade 91 Ok
13 Hemsworth, Trent; Hemsworth, Max B Grade 92 Ok
14 Ross, Daniel; Sams, David B Grade 93 Ok
15 Tobin, Dave; Noonan, Tony B Grade 94 Ok
16 Hope, Brian; Arrow, Kevin B Grade 97 Ok
17 Lamb, Clinton; Lamb, Jacob B Grade 98 Ok
18 Locke, Mick; Buttsworth, Glen B Grade 98 Ok
19 Lamb, Ashley; Stapleton, Andrew B Grade 98 Ok
20 Bull, Cameron; Oxley, Paul B Grade 99 Ok
21 Burke, Kevin; Harris, Ian B Grade 101 Ok
22 Graham, Rodney; Cooper, Robert B Grade 103 Ok
1 Bennett, Matt; Kajar, John C Grade 90 Ok
2 Elphick, Rory; Johnston, William C Grade 93 Ok
3 Single, Luke; Portegies, Jarred C Grade 93 Ok
4 Bohane, Mathew; Carpenter, Luke C Grade 93 Ok
5 Begg, Jack; Weal, Lachlan C Grade 95 Ok
6 Finnerty, Byran; Pollard, Rodney C Grade 96 Ok
7 Schumacher, James; Pittaway, Phillip C Grade 96 Ok
8 Delaney, Kevin; Upton, Rodney C Grade 96 Ok
9 Gregori, Sauro; Winterton, Nicholas C Grade 97 Ok
10 Hadley, Justin; Brewster, Lyle C Grade 100 Ok
11 Murray, Phillip; Murray, Greg C Grade 100 Ok
12 Arthur, Blake; Carroll, Josh C Grade 100 Ok
13 Graham, Jaiden; Fitzpatrick, Jack C Grade 100 Ok
14 Sparke, Rodger; Dwyer, Terry C Grade 102 Ok
15 Ekert, Jaden; Conroy, Shane C Grade 103 Ok
16 Watters, Cooper; Watters, Paul C Grade 118 Ok
17 Beecham, Scott; Ledingham, Grant C Grade 121 Ok