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How to Book a Lesson Online

  1. Choose the lesson that suits. Click the next button.
  2. Choose a Coach. Click the next button.
  3. Dates with a green square have a vacancy.
  4. Click on a date that suits with a green square vacancy
  5. Choose a time that lists below and click on the time to book. Click the next button.
  6. Enter your details and don’t forget to tick the 2 small boxes at the end.
  7. Click confirm and your done !!

Getting the Most from your Lessons

Before the lesson

  • Determine your priorities for the lesson. It’s hard to work on all aspects in 1 lesson.
  • What will be a good outcome for you from the lesson?
  • Ensure your coach knows the answers to the first two points, discuss this at the start.
  • Arrive early and warm-up.  No good having even a hint of lingering road rage or stiffness … it will affect your swing!

During the lesson

  • Ensure you understand why you are being asked to make the suggested improvement.  This provides motivation for you to persist and enjoy the benefits.
  • Ask questions knowing you are going to be on your own after the lesson.
  • Make sure you have specific drills and checkpoints to use in your practice.

After the lesson

  • Write a summary as soon as possible. Better still, ask your coach to review it to make sure you understand what to work on.
  • Practice for another 30 minutes to keep your memory of the lesson fresh. This is the best time to practice. Try not if possible to leave straight away.
  • Take time once your lesson is over to reflect on the session. This is a great time to write your notes.

Between lessons

  • Practice every day if possible. This can include just swinging the club at home and watching your reflection to embed the key points.
  • Hit balls only until you begin to lose your focus. For some players this could be as few as 25 shots, for others as many as 100 or 200. Don’t forget to work on your short game.
  • Continue your practice even if you don’t think you have it exactly right. Isn’t this the reason you are taking lessons and practicing in the first place?
  • Schedule another lesson. This provides incentive to practice so you can show off your improved swing. Your coach will get a kick out of it as well as you.

Coaching will give you the best value for your improvement dollar, provided you follow up. Without follow-up practice and coaching reviews you will find it very hard to improve.