Dunwright Carpet Cleaning Matchplay Draw 2017

 In Mens Major Events
Dunwright   Carpet Cleaning Matchplay 2017 A Grade
Rank To be played by
Sunday 7/5
To be played by
Sunday 21 /5
To be played by
Sunday 28/5
1 Ben   Cummings
8:30  Mick Locke
8 Mick Locke
   8.30  Mick Locke
4 Darren   Small
8:35  Darren Small
5 Ben   Hobbs
 9.20  Mick Locke 1 up
2 Reece   Hodson
8:40  Reece Hodson
7 Lance   Williams
 8.35  Reece Hodson
3 Darryn   Bruce
8:45  Todd McIntosh
6 Todd   McIntosh
Games can be played at anytime prior to the   scheduled date by mutual agreement of both players. If there is no agreement   play or forfeit will apply.