Need new Clubs?

Some golfers suffer in silence while persevering with clubs that do not fit their swing specifications. Imagine if a tall person was to drive their shorter friend’s car. The first two things that the new driver would have to do is adjust the seat position and move the mirrors. The very same is true with a set of golf clubs, instead of seat position, there is shaft length, flex and weight and in the place of mirror positions there is lie angles, grip thickness, swing weight and much more!

Be sure to book your equipment fitting and ensure that your equipment is working for you, not against you!

At Bathurst Golf Centre we would like to offer you a FREE fitting experience to ensure you get a great set of clubs. Demonstration clubs are also available to try before you buy from us. Once your new set has arrived and you have had a few games we offer a Complimentary Golf Lesson as a follow up.

If you are interested in a particular model of golf equipment, as your Club Professional please give us an opportunity to give you a best possible price.

Longer – Straighter – Better!