Captains Log for May

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Stephen Johnson with 2 on the 9th hole

The Captains Report

The month of May Covid 19 report (what virus) thank god no cases have affected the playing of our beloved sport so here is a big thanks to the membership for embracing the measure’s the board came up with on the run and kept us all playing. Fiscal management has played its part as well with many clubs facing receivership and many beholding to banks to prop them up limiting them and the Clubs future direction, we on the other hand once this is all over it will be business as usual.

The monthly medal for May was played over 2 days and proved a huge success with 230 players competing for the 3 medals, for the 13 players that backed up on the Sunday their Saturday scores only counted for the prize, as you may have realised also all vouchers now go to the proshop for collection.

One of the highlights for the Month of May was Stephen Johnsons albatross on the par 5 9th hole on the 9th of May spooky date. I’ve been talking to lot of the older members and no one can remember anyone having a 2 on a par 5 in competition and to say he was delighted would be an understatement and there were witnesses as well great shot Stephen golfer of the month no more photos thanks.

The 15th of May saw a return to groups of 4 and the pace of play crawled to a halt. Players be mindful of your position in the field and keep up, don’t be that slow player, be ready when its your turn to hit and remember covid protocols are still in place