Saturday 3rd September

 In Mens Saturday Ball Sweep
Ball Sweep Combined
McCrossin Timothy Ball Sweep 82
Fitzgerald Michael Ball Sweep 86
Casey William Ball Sweep 80
Pittaway Phillip Ball Sweep 93
Daunt Glyn Ball Sweep 82
Stapley Ray Ball Sweep 79
Kajar John Ball Sweep 85
Simmons Shane Ball Sweep 86
Walsh Brian Ball Sweep 82
Warry Christopher Ball Sweep 93
Bruce Darryn Ball Sweep 76
Chandler Wayne Ball Sweep 98
Hundy James Ball Sweep 74
Luck David Ball Sweep 82
Thompson Jock Ball Sweep 95
Dempsey Shane Ball Sweep 84
Brewster Lyle Ball Sweep 97
Clews David Ball Sweep 87
Wray Peter Ball Sweep 87
Dillon Bob Ball Sweep 100
Lennon John Ball Sweep 96
Bourke Damian Ball Sweep 83
Locke Mick Ball Sweep 82
Baker Jeremy Ball Sweep 92
Salmon Martyn Ball Sweep 95
Schuster Andre Ball Sweep 89
Brilley Norman Ball Sweep 88
Jackson Cameron Scratch A Grade 75 Gross / 75 Net
Simmons Shane Scratch B Grade 86 Gross / 72 Net
Woodyatt Jason Scratch C Grade 93 Gross / 74 Net
Sparke Ryan Pro Pin 164 cm
Stait Kerry Nearest to Pin 13th 154 cm
Stuart Valerie Eagles 4 th
6:10 PM 1 of 1
Competition Results
03-Sep-2022: Saturday STROKE and or STABLEFORD
Name Club GA H’cap
Casey, William Bathurst GC 9.2N 38 Pts
Stapley, Ray Bathurst GC 7.3N 37 Pts
Bruce, Darryn Bathurst GC 3.0N 35 Pts
Dempsey, Shane Bathurst GC 9.1N 35 Pts
McDonald, Ross Bathurst GC 8.3N 33 Pts
Nicholls, George Bathurst GC 8.6N 33 Pts
Mays, Steven Lithgow GC 13.8N 42 Pts
Fitzgerald, Michael Bathurst GC 14.0N 38 Pts
Kajar, John Bathurst GC 12.1N 36 Pts
Simmons, Shane Bathurst GC 12.0N 35 Pts
Pittaway, Phillip Bathurst GC 20.8N 38 Pts
McMillan, James Duntryleague GC 32.3N 36 Pts
Warry, Christopher Bathurst GC 17.5N 35 Pts
Chandler, Wayne Bathurst GC 22.7N 35 Pts
Dillon, Bob Bathurst GC 23.4N 34 Pts
Fardell, Henri Duntryleague GC 18.8N 33 Pts
Cowdroy, Ross Bathurst GC 20.3N 33 Pts
Hennessey, Robert Bathurst GC 19.3N 34 Pts
Bruce Darryn A Grade Scr 31 pts
Smail James B Grade Scr 22 pts