Thursday 17th December

 In Results (Winners)

Ind & 2BBB Players 171

A grade 1st Chris Hadson 40 2nd James Hundy 39 3rd Danny Gooley 38 Scr Grant Hill 33

B grade 1st Jeff Williams 39 2nd Geoff Tindall 39 3rd Adam Batchelor 38 Scr Mick Leseberg 20

Ladies 1st Cindy Perfect 37 2nd Sarah Thompson 36 3rd Dee McCarthy 35

2BBB 1st Tony Keech and Bryan M’Crystal 79 2nd Ian Hart & Geoff Tindall 78 Scr John Young and Darrell Bourke 49

NTP 8th Lindsay Birley 74cm Sarah Thompson 1030cm 13th George Smith 188cm Lousea Johnston 296cm